: '96 Seville, 2-way active front stage build...

03-17-09, 01:05 PM
Ok, so this is a 1996 Seville SLS and I've slowly be working on a 2-way active front stage and then eventually getting off my ass and installing a single sealed 12" subwoofer in the rear deck. The 3's in the dash are Fostex FF85k's, the 6.5's in the doors are Mach 5 Audio MLI 6.5's. They are powered by a Sony CDX-F605 as the HU, RF 450.4 and 400.2 as the amps, and once I get it wired in a Behringer DCX2496 as the crossover/EQ.

There is currently about 20ft^2 of Raamat in each door, single layer on most of the floor, and about 4 layers under the drivers feet.

Currently installed is
Sony CDX-F605
Fostex FF85k
M5A MLI-6.5's
RF 450.4

Needing to be installed
Stereo Integrity v4 Mag 12"
RF 400.2
More deadening

Heres some photos of whats finished so far.

The car...

The HU

Left corner of the dash

Right corner of the dash

Deadened and Ensolite in the right door, left looks the same

Door with panel back on

Figured you guys might like to see the photos of this and I'll post some more as I progress if you guys want them. :)

03-17-09, 02:00 PM
Looks awesome and a very clean install, especially that HU! Keep the pictures and information coming.