: Escalade n00b/potential 'Lade owner has some quick questions

03-17-09, 12:59 PM
I have a few ideas for an Escalade project I want to start soon, but there is some information I can't get my hands on even with the internet at my fingertips, so I hoped you Cadillac gurus could assist me.

1. My Cadillac project is going to be locked, lifted and ready for the dirt, so the stock AWD transfer case is going to have to be tossed. Would a 3/4 case (or even better, the H2 case) be able to bolt up or is there going to be some issues?

1a. What is the ID for the transfer case in this truck?

2. Will Tahoe/Yukon lift kits bolt on to the pre-existing Escalade points or will there need to be some hacking and some welding in order for any of it to fit? I know they're torsion bar like the rest of the GMT800, but I want to make sure that the similarities don't end at the front suspension type.

3. What material does the dash consist of? Vinyl, leather, or plastic?

Thanks in advance everyone.

03-17-09, 02:01 PM
People have been doing 3/4 ton axel swaps into 1/2 ton trucks for years; but for the info you're looking for I'd say you're going to have better luck in some 4 wheeler forums.