: Stepper Motor

03-17-09, 08:15 AM
Does anyone know what the symptoms of bad stepper motors are?

03-17-09, 10:49 AM
A stepper motor is designed from precise movement and stops at precise locations on it's axis.

faults could be:
Motor shakes or vibrates when it should be stopped.

Motor does not stop in proper location.

Motor does not run at all

There may be more. what is this motor driving?

03-17-09, 12:45 PM
You know when you shut the car off and the gauges fall to zero, mine makes a slight noise when that happens....the cluster.
Lately, after the truck is started, I hear the same noise, but constantly....coming from what I believe is the instrument panel(cluster).
Almost like a computer chip doing its thing. Sometimes the sound is there...all the time while driving, and other times its not there at all.
I read here something about stepper motors there, and was wondering if anyone had a similar issue, and if it means that the cluster itself needs to be replaced.

03-17-09, 03:25 PM
are any of the gauges shaking or reading inproperly?

Could it be the temp sensor fan in the headliner? the one above the driver's head that looks like a mic. ? That is prone to making noises during startup on cold days.

03-17-09, 06:30 PM
It is def. not the overhead sensor. The sound is coming from the cluster for certain, or behind it. I say its coming from the cluster because its the same exact sound that exists when you shut the truck off. They make a slight sound when the gauges go off and set to zero.

The gauges all seem to be reading 100% proper. Get that pesky noise.

02-11-13, 02:21 PM
15 mins done, that was so very easy it's a shame how much cadillac dealer charges for out of warranty service. Just called cadillac in Greenbelt, MD. The service advisor told me they would have to pull the dash out and order a replacement unit, over night it, and install it. I would not have my truck for 2 days. I just completed that job in less then 15 mins, the speed according to GPS is 2 miles faster. The total job from the dealer would be $750.00-$900.00 buck. I got two steppers for less then $11.00 threw eBay. Are you Kiddin me!!! Thank you for this video, I just saved over $700.00 bucks!!!