: GM Link Gone????

03-16-09, 11:02 PM
I have been using the GMLINK owner's web site for three years to keep my maintenance records. I went to the site today and it appears to be replaced by a site hosted by YAHOO. Wouldn't care about that except all my maintenance records vanished and did not transfer to the new site. Curious, since my "preferred dealer" choice did transfer, but not my records. Anyone have a similar experience and/or know how to get my records back?

03-17-09, 09:03 AM
Same thing happened to me.
The new site SUCKS...in my opinion.

I used the old site quite a bit.
After poking around on the new one a couple of times..I have never been back.

Texas Jim

03-17-09, 09:44 AM
Same here. The new site is worthless.

03-17-09, 10:58 PM
They lost several of my vehicle's records too. I complained and they were never able to get them back. The new site is slow and not user friendly. The sent me a couple of surveys asking how I liked the new site and they got my opinion.

Benjamin Simon
03-18-09, 10:35 PM
Yes, all of my service information is gone. Leave it to GM to screw up something else...