: Escalade does not start sometimes, dealer-replace ignition

03-16-09, 06:38 PM
My '02 EXT periodically won't start. Lights come on, everything works, just no response to turning the key on. It will start and automatically die. It has started after waiting some time and/or trying for a good 5-10 minutes. Sometimes, I just leave it come back later and it starts, restarts, etc. You think resetting the Passlock corrects the no start problem? I have also noticed my SECURITY light on while driving.

I have been reading about faulty passlock systems in GM vehicles. Don't know what to do, dealer wanted to redo the whole ignition system ($1600). Keys, ignition switch, housing etc... Has anyone experienced this or knows what would be the way to go about this without selling my plasma to pay for a repair?

Thanks in advance!

03-16-09, 11:35 PM
not certain its the passlock. I had a problem where it would not start at all. Security light came on on the dash. Lights wroked and all, just no start. Called Onstar and they suggested letting it sit and try again. It finally did start, but it was advised to keep it running until I reached my destination. I finally had the system diagnosed and repaired...not by caddy but locally by very good mechanic. The fact the it starts and then dies at times sounds like not security system at all.

03-17-09, 10:21 AM
When you flip the key, can you hear the fuel pump priming? Assume its not spark, if you tested battery, and it passed. So its electronics or fuel delivery. Easier to diagnose fuel delivery.

03-17-09, 11:30 AM
Ignition module

03-17-09, 05:51 PM
Took it to dealer and they found this code: BCM code B2960

I searched online and found this helpful guide : (sorry, I am a noob and could not post the link) The first search result on Google after typing "B2960" in dewitzauto's web site.

I tried to do the key relearn last night and it seems to work fine, although sometimes it went days without giving me problems. I will drive it like this for a week, hopefully that will do it.

I did notice that the key from the ignition does not open door so I assume they replaced the ignition switch and maybe they did a bad job at this. Too bad this damn thing has a "lok-itt" permanent column lock so I would have to cut it to replace the dang ignition cylinder again. It seems as this Escalade was once a victim of theft and they replaced the ignition cylinder and I assume that is why they went with that permanent column lock.

Does anyone here know the part number for the ignition lock cylinder for a 2002 Excalade EXT?

I found this as I was looking for the part number on Google, from MSN Autos:

"An occasional problem on this vehicle is the failure of the Ignition Switch Lock Cylinder. This condition can cause an electrical circuit to not power up or the vehicle to not start. The cost to repair the Ignition Switch Lock Cylinder is $38.62 for parts and $52.00 for labor. All prices are estimates based on $65.00 per flat rate hour and do not include diagnostic time or any applicable sales tax."

That seems like a cheap estimate and cost for part! Too bad they didn't list a part #.

03-17-09, 06:31 PM
It seems as the part number would be: US287L

Can anyone else verify this?

thank you