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07-06-04, 09:22 PM
Hi all. Been a lurker on this board since buying my V last month and was looking for some opinions / history on this idea.

The factory Bose system is very good with the exception of low end. I went to a custom stereo shop today and we came up with the concept of using the spare tire wheel and building a custom enclosure inside of it for a 12" sub. We would put grills over the woofer so items in the trunk wouldn't damage it.

Has anyone done this or have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


07-06-04, 09:29 PM
That's a great idaa actually. I thought about it. you can put probablly two 12" woof's in there. Then remove the Bose speaker in the rear deck and use the opening as a port for your trunk that will act as your box. You would get slightly better sound quality with a naturaul box made for the woofs, but that would add to much weight and take up too much space. Go for it and let me know how it turns out, please... ;)

07-06-04, 09:53 PM
I've done this before on a vehicle I've previously owned and it turned out awesome... I actually hated to sell it because the bass was sooo good. I gutted the rear storage area... built a custom cover and attached a 12" sub and amp... it rocked and I'm think of doing it in my CTS also... :hmm:

I had a good grille over it just like you suggest and had no problems at all... I wish I had pics but I don't.

07-07-04, 01:57 AM
I have done something similar to my V, but unfortunately haven't taken pics yet. I seriously doubt you'll need a couple of 12's unless it is poorly designed.

I used the tray that sits in the place the spare tire would go, and molded a shelf into one side, if you will, to create a roughly .75 cu. ft. sealed enclosure. I am running a single 8" square solobaric driver and a smallish 300 watt mono amp. I left the Bose subwoofer intact and crossed over my own setup at about 70 hz. The additionaly bottom end is very tight and refined without adding any boom or annoying interior resonance to the overall sound. I'm quite pleased. I could easily get more volume out of this arrangement if desired, and I could have even built the enclosure as a slot loaded design if I thought I needed it, but, I don't.

Removing the Bose sub will also allow road noise via the trunk to enter the interior of the car...so might want to try it with the sub still in place as I have.

Good luck!