: Trans Rebuild/New torque converter

03-16-09, 01:19 PM

So I flipped the bill. I was slipping shifts between 2nd/3rd, as well as 3rd/4th gear. I am getting the plates updated from a 3 pack to a 5 pack by shaving the shim. As well as getting the solonoids updated, and my perameters on my tcm to push out the shift points a bit. I figured as long as I have it out I am going to beef up and replace the converter as well. I get it back on Wednesday. I will keep you all updated to see if the drivetrain clunk coming out of corners is fixed and what ever feels better or, god forbid, worse. I managed to hook it all up for 1349.00. Not something I wanted to do but Escalades do not look cool on the side of the road broke down, or not being able to drive for that matter.

03-16-09, 01:23 PM
Curious to hear how you make out.
Hate my tranny rebuit and new converter last month.
Cost $1700 but picked up by warranty co 100%.

However, downshifting to second and to first is very hard and somewhat loud.
Shifting between P and R, D and R, and R and D are not smooth at all.
They told me to bring it in and they will get it taken care of.

Good luck