: Converting 2007 Escalade stereo back to BOSE stock system

03-16-09, 12:19 PM
I am in the process of ripping out the aftermarket stuff some jackass put in my newly acquired escalade, I think i have everything wiring wise setup correctly but they cut off the factory plugs in the doors that are going to plug into my factory bose speakers...

What are my options? where the hell can I get these plugs with enough lead on them to connect them back to the 2 factory wires goign to each door? or can I run the wires directly to the speakers some how?

03-16-09, 01:19 PM
if it has been completely hacked up you really end up with 2 decent options that I can see...the first and most expensive is replacing factory harnesses....this is going to cost bank and you will probably end up ripping the whole truck apart, the second (and my personal thought) would be to buy molex connectors to install where the factory plug was, and then solder a matching connector on to the speakers, this will also let you choose how long of a speaker lead you need.

The downside to soldering directly to the speaker is if you need to service anything in the door down the line your gonna be stuck having to let the speaker hang by the wire, or cutting and the reconnecting; neither of which are good solutions in my mind

03-16-09, 01:47 PM
the only thing that got hacked, was the connector plugs on the very end of the 4 speaker wires in the doors, can I run the factory speaker wire directly to the terminals of the bose speaker (I dont have the factory speakers yet, they are in the mail)

and more importantly how do I tell which is the +/- wire to connect to the speaker!

03-16-09, 10:06 PM
you can, but like I said you will probably want to make it so you can disconnect them for service later. as far as the wiring, I am not sure of the 07 lad specifically, but typical wire colors are:
Left front + tan
Left front - gray
Right front + light green
Right front - dark green
Left rear + brown
left rear - yellow
right rear + dark blue
Right rear - light blue

If those are the wires colors you are finding in those locations, you stand a 99% chance that those are correct.

another thought for the connectors is the bone yard... allthough the truck is newer, I would be highly suprised if the connector has changed and is probably the same as many other model gm systems, hit a pick'n pull and cut out as much of the run as you need

03-17-09, 08:49 AM
the exact info i was looking for, thanks!

Do you know which 2 wires are going to the factor sub? I am wanting to put a LOC on them for a sub amp.