: Instrument cluster chatter

03-16-09, 11:52 AM
I have an 03 escalde. I knwo I have had alot of questions, but here is another.
While attempting to circumvent my nav unit so I can use it while cruising (that has turned into a nightmare........still says I am 120 miles away), since I still have the trim plate housing removed, I now notice that there is a constant sound coming from what seems to be the instrument cluster. It sort of sounds like a computer when the processor (clanks) when running or loading or updating a program. Its actually kind of annoying. One thing after another with this escalade. Anyone ever hear of something like this???
Please let me know your thoughts.
THANKS GUYS!...and girls??

03-16-09, 12:38 PM
03 escalade
Do faulty stepper motors in the instrument cluster make noise?
If so, what kind of noise do they make?

03-17-09, 07:30 PM
I merged 2 threads to create this one. Since you've started a third thread about the same topic I'll close this one. :/