: Uploaded more videos on youtube. Exhaust, and misc for the 2009 CTS v.

03-16-09, 11:41 AM
Just dumped on more High def vids on youtube on the wait4meperformance page

03-16-09, 03:20 PM

I can't imagine that video does much justice for the sound of the exhaust system, i can barely even hear the car running, even when watching it in HD.

03-16-09, 03:21 PM

03-16-09, 04:17 PM
In about 45 minutes the remaining downloads will be finished. There should be 6 new vids uploaded today.

As for the sound. That is thru the stock mufflers. So it really is that quiet. The camera i use is a jvc hd GY-HD110U camera. So i hope the sound reproduction is good. :) It is much louder with the mufflers missing.

03-16-09, 05:21 PM
All the vids are up now.

03-18-09, 04:44 AM
wait4me, i've been trying to contact you for some international orders :D ... looking for two sets of the airtube, and handheld programmers :cool: