: Warranty Opinion ?

03-16-09, 08:32 AM
Hi all,

I will be picking up a 2005 STS either Today or Tomorrow - depending on the bank. The way this deal has turned out, the car does not have a warranty, but the dealer is offering to sell me the GMPP at cost for 1, 2, or 3 years as follows:

Retail $1490 - Your Cost $780 - 12 month/12,000 mile - $50 deductible
Retail - $1980 - Your Cost $1260 - 24 month/24,000 mile - $50 deductible
Retail - $2270 - Your Cost - $1745 36 month/36,000 mile - $50 deductible

The car currently has almost 31K miles but is out of the original warranty by less than a month.

What would you do?

Thanks, George

03-16-09, 01:34 PM
Get it, my 05 has a bunch of issues and GM dropped the ball on getting back to me in time to buy extended warranty and now there is a couple things that need to be replaced.

03-16-09, 03:41 PM
I didn't get it on mine.
So far I had to replace a power steering hose. (odd, was leaking at the fitting)
And my driver door is not always wanting to open. (purcased the replacement part for ~$75)

03-16-09, 06:19 PM
thanks, I am going to get the 1 year option.. I just don't want to be stuck with something major and no recourse.

I appreciate your input - George

03-16-09, 07:20 PM
I would go 3 year, you can pro rata cancel it after a year and save money, or keep it if you want.

03-17-09, 09:01 AM
+1 for going with the three year.
The lomger you have it and the more miles you put on it...the more chance that something will go wrong.

Texas Jim

03-18-09, 11:01 PM
Go for a min of three years. A window regulator costs over $600 installed.

For pricing on GMPP, check out gmoutlet.com. That is where I bought mine; ready to pull the trigger with GMPP on an 07 BMW.