: Oil/Tranny cooler lines

03-15-09, 05:01 PM
Both are leaking on my truck, the out and return lines. Right where the hard lines connects to the first softline coming off the cooler(s) at the front of the truck. Anybody yanked and replaced theirs before? If so tips? thanks

03-15-09, 07:32 PM
I had both replaced when I took my pre-purchased vehicle into cadillac to have them give it the once over. Amoung the things they found were the leaking cooler lines. Cadillac gave me some rediculous prices to repair, and I approached the selling dealer with the "to do" list.The dealer fixed everything on the list, icluding the leaking lines. BTW, the repair from an independent shop was 70% less than cadillac.
From what I could tell, they are easy to fix. I had them fix it as the price was right............FREE lol
Good luck