: 55 coupe

03-15-09, 05:15 AM
Can some one tell me where i might find the chassis number on a 1955 coupe please.
Im also looking for a pair of front internal door trims, the winder handle that goes on the side of the front seat.

Thanks Sean

03-15-09, 10:49 PM

I believe the serial number is located on the side of the driver's side frame rail, just aft of the engine. Should be a 9 to 10 character number starting with 54, followed by the two digit series number, then the engine number. As for trim parts, there are several sources selling NOS, reconditioned, and reproduction parts. Start with Hemmings Motor News. Also, check the Buy/Sell section on the Cadillac & LaSalle Club's website.

Post some pictures of your car when you can. I bet she's a beauty to behold!


03-20-09, 06:51 AM

Thanks for your help i have searched hemmings and sent a few emails, the biggest problem is im in Australia, ive been searching for these parts for about 6 months now and have sent 100's of emails with basically no luck.

Thanx Sean