View Full Version : Brake Light & etc.

03-13-09, 08:58 PM
I just bought a used 1997 Catera w/109,000 miles on it & one of my brake lights stay on, so i replaced it with a bulb i had & when i did all the brake lights came on & stayed on. What could cause this? Another problem is the radiator light is on & the antifreeze is good & last the airbag light is on! Any help or suggestions of any kind would be much appreciated! Thanks :hmm:

98 Catera
03-14-09, 11:43 PM
I can help with the coolant light, get a new coolant tank from ebay, its a new GM part its only 60bucks and it will turn that light off. The problem is the sensor in the tank is old and broken and it tells the car that the coolant is low when it isnt. Air bag light, thats bad news, either the air bag module is bad or unpluged, a air bag or air bag sensor is missing or has been activated and coverd up. Brake light, try turning the bulb around, if its all the brake lights then your brake light switch at the brake pedal is bad, remove and replace.