View Full Version : Looking for Northstar Mechanic in WV

03-12-09, 03:45 PM
Anyone know of a Northstar mechanic ...... I need new HG's in my 1998 Seville SLS.

I am located in Charleston, WV

03-15-09, 09:24 AM
I live in Morgantown and have the same problem with a 98 deville. I've asked a few very good (semi-retired) mechanics and they have no time nor don't want to. Calling a guy this week at MARS (morgantown auto repair), heard they have done them before. It the price isn't under $2,100 I will call Jake in Onterio, He can do it for around $1,500 total and do it right (7.5hr drive though). I'll keep in touch with any info. I can send you my number or e-mail address (whatever the rules of the forum allow).. GL

* have a couple more contacts to follow up on. I'll know for sure in the next few weeks..