: White wind visors - where to get?

03-11-09, 01:05 PM
Does anyone know where I can get some matching wind visors for my windows in the same color as my vehicle (Pearl Diamond White) or do I have to just get some black ones and have them custom painted?

I seen a pic of some and they look nice I think.


03-11-09, 02:24 PM
They are custom painted. I plan on doing this to my OEM visors this summer!

03-12-09, 02:20 AM
Ah ha, just as I thought! I been lookin high and low for these things but it makes total sense because in the pic the color match is like flawless. I think it would have looked better if he painted the black part of the mirrors too. Don't you agree? Still a bad ass lookin Escalade though.

As you said, something to do this summer...

03-12-09, 03:04 PM
I'm not sure whay people do this.You are putting white over black areas.I could see just doing the small 1" part that covers the white but going farther is worse.

03-13-09, 02:46 AM
Worse? Well I will not argue because honestly, it all comes down to a matter of PERSONAL preference - I mean hey, if it looks good to you, who cares right?