: darrel russell article

07-06-04, 11:06 AM
anyone else see the crash. i wasn't there but was watching it on tv when it happened. worst drag racing accident i'd seen. good article about darrell


07-07-04, 01:53 PM
very tragic , was watching it at the time . I have seen that type of crash before so i was surpised it went down like that . but new tire and cage rules should help . they just need to start slowing them down tho . technology hasnt caught up witht he speeds yet . they need to adopt the "tub" technology found in the IRL,Cart and F1 , speeds are too high for chromemolly cages/frames

probably the roughest sport out there haveing to deal with accelerateing to 300+ mph in the 4 second neiborhood . not much room for things to go wrong

between darrel,lingenfleter and tony renna this has been a rough season in motorsport.but there has been close calls too , like ralph shumaker(sp?)

07-07-04, 02:42 PM
it's not even the 300 in 4 seconds, but then add in the stopping in 4 seconds too. i hate to see it when cars are being slowed down on purpose, but sometimes it's needed. i can understand when they went to a less volitale fuel, but i wouldn't want to see 'restrictor plates' in nhra. hopefully they can keep it safe without that. people don't understand that just because they're going in a straight line that it's safe. they might have fewer accidents, but they're usually worse.

07-07-04, 07:26 PM
"it's not even the 300 in 4 seconds, but then add in the stopping in 4 seconds too"

someone had that problem a couple weeks ago in funny car . chute failed , good thing they have sand traps , but that becomes a issue in itself (lingenefelters crash i belive)