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03-10-09, 08:23 PM
I have a 99 Cadillac Catera with 90K miles on it. I'm in Florida so all this time the weather was pretty cool, consistently under 75. The car had no starting problems at all. But now it starts getting warmer, above 80, and suddenly I have starting problems. When I turn the key, it doesn't crank at all, as if it weren't sending an electric signal. The battery btw is under a year old. I checked with a multimeter and it has fine charge. The car will start with jumper cables. The car experiences this ONLY when it has been driven a while and then I try to turn it on again. The car starts fine AFTER about 30 minutes.. I assume because it is cooling down. This is frickin weird, what components and things should I start looking at?

03-10-09, 08:28 PM
Check the battery terminals first because it sounds like you have corrosion on either the battery posts or on the starter itself.. Thats why when you jump the car the extra voltage is enough to pass through the corrosion and start the car. Check the starter ground wire which is usually exposed next to the solenoid on the starter itself and be sure its free of corrosion. Check all points of contact on either battery cable to be sure its all corrosion free. Try that first and if no problem is found we'll go from there. :cool:

03-10-09, 09:03 PM
could be the cps too (crankshaft position sensor.) but typically it doesn't run very long if this is the issue (5-10min.) I replaced one in a parking lot today with a set of tools i keep around in my car and the stock car jack. Usually when it warms off it will just die. no sputter or anything. and won't start warm. Good luck.

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03-23-09, 01:38 PM
You might want to check the positive battery cable, if the resistance is to high it will cause this concern, the hotter it is the higher the resistance will be......have seen the condition a few times