: SRX Sport front end conversion: build thread

03-10-09, 12:14 PM
Well, some of you saw my last thread about looking to buy SRX sport body parts. After alot of searching on ebay I was able to find a already painted bumper and front grill. Both the grill and front bumper are in great condition, the grill is brand new, and the bumper has only very very minor scratches that im going to compound out.

Now all I have to do is order the mesh for the bumper and grill (will post pic later), and then the extended sport fender liners. I might have to do somw work with the foglights, but I'm not too sure yet.

Here is the pic! :D


03-10-09, 01:25 PM

I'm going to be right on you heels with mine, The wife wants this done to her 07' let me know if you have any leads on these parts in Light Platinum.

Please keep us posted on the process and parts required to complete the conversion.

Good luck, cant wait to see the finished product......

03-10-09, 02:14 PM
I don't see a pic ????

03-12-09, 10:34 AM
Klei14, I've been following your thread since I'm in the process of doing the same thing. I have the front bumper but I need to find the grill (know where I can find one?). Trying to decide if I'm going to use the factory mesh or not (can't seem to find a deal). I'm confused about the foglights. Is it the brackets that are needed or just the lights, and if you buy new lights, will they automatically come with the brackets?

Good luck and keep us posted.

03-13-09, 01:17 PM
Blacky, The lamps are the same, mounting brackets are different.

03-13-09, 02:04 PM
Thanks for the confirmation GM. I'm trying to find the part #'s now.

Klei14 said they were on backorder.

03-16-09, 03:11 PM
Okay, got the universal mesh grill material in the mail today, so I got started on the bumper.

Install was so-so, this mesh is woven wire, so you have to cut each little wire seperatly to make sure it does not bend or get un-woven. It takes time, but this is hands down the closest to OEM mesh I was going to find, and it was less than 1/4 the price. Right now its a little larger than it has to be, but if it does not bump againt any other parts I will just leave it as it is.

To mount it to the bumper I cut out where the tabs are and just pushed the mesh onto the tabs. It's holding really good, but I'm going to get some clips to hold it on better. I have one clip on it now you might be able to see it in the pic of the backside. It really shouldnt need the clips, but after all the time I spent cutting it, I want to be on the safe side.

The blue painters tape is on the bumper right now, just to protect it while its sitting around. Also should help me to keep it scratch free during the install.

Here are some pics





03-16-09, 11:42 PM
Is the mesh stainless steel ?

03-16-09, 11:48 PM
Is the mesh stainless steel ?
The description on the website I ordered it from: "18 gauge 304 Stainless Steel Woven Wire mesh."

03-23-09, 10:28 PM
Okay another small update for everyone.

I just got the chrome trim piece on-top of the grill back from the bodyshop painted, you can see it in this pic.

The pic below the car is how I mounted the mesh onto the front bumper, cut a slit, then used hot glue, I will also use some automotive clips.



03-28-09, 01:05 PM
Got 2 fender liners, and one foglight bracket in the mail today. Still waiting on one bracket that is on backorder.


George Ware
03-28-09, 11:52 PM
Thanks for the updates!

George Ware

03-30-09, 07:03 AM
am I the only one not seeing pics ????

03-30-09, 01:16 PM
am I the only one not seeing pics ????
The pics I posted are hosted on Photobucket.com, a work computer might be blocking the pics?

If no one can see the pics let me know and I will host them on this forum.


03-30-09, 01:48 PM
I'll check from home later

03-30-09, 01:54 PM
I see all the pics fine from my work computer...

03-31-09, 07:27 PM
Okay just a small update. I swapped over the emblem from the stock grill, and its a direct swap. I also cut the mesh for the upper grill which didnt come out as good as I had hoped, but I might have a cheap fix for it. All I'm waiting on is the drivers side foglight bracket that was on backorder, and soon as I get that I will be able to complete this swap!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-31-09, 08:50 PM
work blocks pics ? works from home.

great to know, should post stickey with PT#'s and such.

04-01-09, 12:11 AM
work blocks pics ? works from home.

great to know, should post stickey with PT#'s and such.

I plan to do a big write up when I get done with the swap. I want to get everything done, so I know what part #'s are needed. I can also say now the total cost for this can be as low as 800$, if you search around for this. The price might sound high, but it costs almost 400$ to get the front bumper painted if you get it dinged up, and mine needed to be repainted, but instead I went for the swap.

04-10-09, 12:18 AM
Just got my drivers side fog light bracket in the mail. All I need now is some nice weather and free time and this project will be all done!

04-10-09, 08:54 PM
WOW - I appreciate your desire and execution with this project. I didn't realize how in demand this look is. I got lucky the used 09 I just bought my wife came with the Sport Package.

I just didn't understand the lengths folks would go to get it.

Are you going to do the rear as well?? I really like the 4" exhaust tips.

I look forward to the finished project - good luck.

04-11-09, 12:47 AM
Thanks! It is alot of work to swap the sport front, but its a fun project for me.

I would like to do the back also, but I'm not in a big rush. My front bumper is really scratched up and needs to be replaced, so that is why I did the front. I might do the rear bumper over the summer if I get the time.

Montana man
04-13-09, 02:50 PM
:confused:Just bought a 2008 and am wondering can just the grill be changed out to the mesh ?? For the sport look.

04-13-09, 03:31 PM
:confused:Just bought a 2008 and am wondering can just the grill be changed out to the mesh ?? For the sport look.
Nope, you need to sport bumper to use the sport grill. You could get a normal mesh grill for the non-sport though.

04-13-09, 06:20 PM
What is that square hole next to the passenger headlight used for. I have this on my 09 and find anything in the Owners Manual.

04-14-09, 07:43 PM
What is that square hole next to the passenger headlight used for. I have this on my 09 and find anything in the Owners Manual.

That's the headlight washer, comes equipped on SRX's with the HID headlamps. Activates when you spray your windshield washer and the headlights are on.

Unless you're referring to the small square next to the passenger fog light. That is the tow hook cover.

04-15-09, 07:05 AM
Who did you get the mesh grill insert from ?

"Okay, got the universal mesh grill material in the mail today, so I got started on the bumper."

07-30-09, 02:13 AM
Is there any reason this swap can not be done on a 2004 SRX? Also did you ever get the parts list together for this swap? I'm looking to do this soon since I have a good lead on a complete front fascia setup. Thanks.

07-30-09, 04:55 PM
I can see them fine; great job!

08-01-09, 05:16 PM
This is pretty sweet! Great work! Any updated pics?

08-07-09, 09:18 PM
Search my username for threads with more pics, and part #'s. I actually sold my SRX a few months ago :(

09-08-09, 06:05 PM
how come did you sell your SRX? I was looking for more pics of this awesome mod you were doing.

edit - i see that you got some more pics if i searched.

11-12-10, 09:00 AM
I know this thread is a little bit old but I just got one question.....does the Sport front end need bigger wheel wells than the regular front end? Also, where did you but the foglight brackets and mesh grill?


11-15-10, 06:48 PM
You just need different front fascia extensions. (front part of w/house liners)

12-31-10, 11:35 AM
Love what you did with the srx can you tell me where to purchase the fog light brackets? \


Mike Miller
05-09-11, 11:29 PM
hello, Im doing the same thing to mine, I have the front bumper, the rear and the grill, but I didnt know I needed the fog light bracket nor the fender liners, why cant I use the old ones?

05-12-11, 05:29 PM
You can use your old fender liners, I did. But you need brackets.