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03-10-09, 10:33 AM
I am getting a 04 with ultraview tommorrow and my son has to have a dvd player. He is used to one from other car. I want to be able to have a dvd player and hear it without using headphones. Is there anyway I can get one that plays through the radio. I have the ultraview sunroof so I cannot get one that mounts like my other car. Do I have to get headrest monitors?

03-11-09, 12:04 AM
you can do headrest monitors with a dvd player and an fm modulator so it will play thru the factory stereo

03-11-09, 09:26 AM
I had the same issue when I got my 06 with ultraview coming out of our Tahoe with rear seat DVD.

I ended up buying a large screen portable Polaroid DVD unit for under 120 bucks. Plugs into cig. lighter, or runs on its rechargable batteries for at least 4 hours. Can use headphones or built in speaker (can't run thru factory speakers). I was against the idea but tried it and love it now. Plus, he can use it on a plane , in his room, in my wife's car etc. Just a thought for you. Also, I bought a holder thingy that attached to the front seat so he did not need to hold it in his lap. Turns out he preferred to hold it in his lap. This worked for us because he only used it on longer trips, so when we were not on a longer trip, it was packed away in the back. If your child uses it every single day, even for 5 minute trips to the store, this might be a PITA.

03-11-09, 10:04 AM
Thanks for the info. He uses all the time so I guess I am going to have to do the heardrest. But what is a fm modulator? Does it come with the headrest dvd?

03-11-09, 07:53 PM
Always get the "wired" FM modulator and have it installed by audio guys, the wireless just has too much static for me. (I've had several of eac}A FM modulator allows you to plug in a device such as a DVD player and play the sound through your cars speakers, I have one I play my Satellite radio receiver through my cars speakers. It will be wired up to your cars stereo and sounds great, you can either have a switch or assign a channel on your stereo to hear the audio. I hope this helps. Will be happy to answer any questions about this.