: For the people worried about crank relearns please read.

03-09-09, 03:12 PM
For this forum i will be offering a free scan tool loaner program.

All you do is cover shipping.

IF you want to use the scan tool, all you do is put a $410 dollar deposit down to my paypal account and i will ship you out the scan tool that day to use.

IF you do it during a pcm order, it wont cost you the 10 bucks for shipping as i will just include it in the box and refund your 400 when i get the scan tool back. If you want to keep it, then fine, ill just keep the $400 dollar core.

This will apply to ANY ecm year/make that i support. Just request it to be done.

That way you just hook your laptop up and install the software, then do the relearn and ship the scan tool back to me.

This service will also be available to those of you that want to do a TCM performance tune. You will just have to cover the $400 dollar core charge for the hardware.

03-09-09, 03:59 PM
Will you be including full istructions with this?


03-09-09, 04:01 PM
Yes instructions will be in the box. It is a 32 second thing.