: What size speakers to use on 02 Door panels?

03-09-09, 01:37 PM
I searched this forum and the posts I found seemed uncertain so I thought I would ask again - Does anyone know what size speakers would work as replacements for the factory speakers on an 2002 Escalade with a Bose system? I do not want to cut any bigger holes, etc. - just something that would kinda drop fit. BTW, I am talking about the front AND rear doors - are they the same?



03-10-09, 12:39 AM
I believe it's a 6/12.. you should try cruchfield, I believe they have this feature that calculates the measurements for you.

07-13-09, 09:09 PM
Did you ever get the answer to this question?

07-14-09, 02:04 AM
6 1/2 is what you will use, although they don't fit perfect, the factory is a bit larger, not by much though

07-21-09, 02:11 PM
FUNNY.............they make the grill look so impresive, like it a mass speaker of killer implications. Yet under that massive grill is a tiny 6 1'2 speaker, that simply clicks in place. Go figure.