: Starter Problem

03-09-09, 05:00 AM
I have a 1970 Coupe Deville and I recently got a new starter free under warranty. Well this starter sounded like the bendix made zero contact with the flywheel. I pulled it back out thinking it was defective or somehow the wrong starter. (the part number has changed) took it to the parts store, they tested it, said it was good and then we compared it with another starter he had..it looked the same. He told me to use the shims. I never used shims before and was under the impression that shims were only used if the starter was too close to the flywheel. Well sure enough, in the directions, it says if the eighth inch dowel can fit easily between the shaft of the starter and the flywheel than it is too far away and I should cut the shims in half to use on the outside bolt of the starter to push it towards the flywheel. I did that. I used every G@#@#@## shim in the box. It still makes zero contact with the flywheel. Should I make some extra shims and put those in, get another starter, or is there just something I am missing?