: Autocrossers

06-22-03, 03:38 PM
You have $5000.00 to spend on a car. You have 1200.00 per year for the next 3 years. What are you going to buy? How are you going to modify it? What class is it going to run in?

(Time to stop talking smack and come up with your plan.)

06-22-03, 06:27 PM
Here's the basis for my Autocrosser. A $3800.00 Miata with the R package. This package includes stiffer bilsteins, sway bar,a limited slip diff, power steering delete, radio delete and A/C delete.

I now have 1200.00 left over plus the 3600.00 dollars over the next 3 years.

I would first buy new tires and strip the interior of the rest of the unessentials. I might even remove the top and it's mechanism. I would need to install a roll bar.

With the rest of the money, I would go to Jackson Racing for a supercharger. That would be good for 220hp or so. That's 10hp per pound. Then I'd sort out the suspension.

Don't need anything more than this to be competive in Autocross.


Some times from the divisional winners. To bad they run in seperate classes.

99 Chevy Corvette Black 50.615(1) 47.823 47.756 94.743
94 Mazda Miata Red 48.984 48.330 47.768 94.868

And how much is a '99 Corvette?

I found this '96 for $2995.00

06-22-03, 07:06 PM
I know very little about auto-crossing but from what I DO know, smaller cars DEFINATELY have an advantage. The races I've seen are in parking lots and consist mainly of a lot of low-speed tight turns. I would imagine that a Go-Kart would be the BEST vehicle in an auto-cross, so I would assume that the smaller, sharper handling cars have the edge.
Auto-cross seems to be very popular but I'm still a drag racing guy with road racing being a close second. I don't follow it at all so I don't have a clue who's doing what these days, so I will NOT be getting into any debates on the topic that have anything to do with current events in those sports. I'm the kind of guy that likes DOING more than WATCHING.

06-22-03, 09:43 PM
For that money I'll go buy a 1989 Nissan 240SX coupe for $800. Spend $3000 for the Silvia engine,tranny,and wire harness.Used the other $1200 on suspension upgrade. A set of 16 inch rims with the right tire will go a longway too.Forget painting the car and just primer it. :burn:
And use the yearly budget to touch up the car where needed. Also get a second job.

06-22-03, 10:04 PM

This is proof you can find one of these cars for a good price.This can be brought down to $800 if you wave the cash in his face.

06-23-03, 08:44 AM
I'd still take my Vette - even if the Miata wins in the autocross. :D

06-23-03, 08:45 AM
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