: Will CTS seats fit in an SRX?

03-08-09, 10:03 PM
Just curious if anyone knows if CTS seats will work in the SRX. They look to be about the same size and shape, mabe off by a little bit. I would just be worried that the wires would not match for the power.

My SRX has almost 90k miles on it, and the seats are pretty bad. The driviers seat is getting cracked and has a few small cuts in it. I was looking at seats on ebay and I was curious if I could make the CTS-V seats work. They are much nicer, the stiching looks better and they also have suede inserts.

03-09-09, 02:24 AM
There are companies around that can make those seats look like new for not many dollars.....might be cheaper and easier in the long run.

03-09-09, 02:35 AM