: Air suspension failure.

03-08-09, 01:07 PM
Hey All,
Have a 2005 SRX AWD V8. Today the rear air suspension is down on the bump stops and the compressor is not runnning. I've read that it is the same fuse as the 12V power outlets, but no confirmation.

Where is the pump so I can apply 12v to it and which fuse controls the system. Also is there a force reset or inflate mode similar to shorting the relays in a Range Rover.

Please help, it is almost undriveable like this!


03-08-09, 01:26 PM
I have never seen air suspension as a factory option on this vehicle. Cadillac does offer a Magnetic Ride Control option. Its shock has a wiring connection going to the shock to change dampening. It doesn't have a compressor to raise the height of the suspension and the coil spring would still keep it off the bump stops. Any ideas from other members?

03-08-09, 01:32 PM
There was an option for MR automatic rear-level control system. This is what I believe has failed.

You can (well I used to be able to!) hear the compressor run to level the rear when initially started or adding a passenger or load to the back.



03-08-09, 04:28 PM
Interesting. Cadillac's website shows all the 2005-2009 SRX's have a standard: "modified multi-link with anti-sway bar and automatic rear level control system in the rear". Armed with that information, I crawled under my 2007 and all I see are big coil springs on each side keeping the suspension off the stops! The sway bar will level the car left to right but there isn't anything for the up and down.

Northern SRX
03-09-09, 07:00 AM
There are essentially two types of load-levelling available with SRX. The standard is the nivomat system (info: http://www.cadillacfaq.com/faq/answers/nivomat.html) and MRC-equipped SRXs get a compressor-driven system.

If your compressor has stopped working, the possible problems are:

- compressor failure
- level detection failure (making the system "think" that the vehicle is level
- electrical supply failure (whether fuse or something else)

I had a similar system in our '00 Bonneville and the problem was the apparatus that did the level detection. Ours failed on the high end and the pump wouldn't stop. Just as bad a problem...

03-12-09, 03:53 PM
I saw it when installing the trailer hitch on my 07. It is on the passenger's side near the muffler. I think you can see it by looking back there with the exhaust still hooked up, if not you might need to remove a couple rubber hangers to get more of a view.

I had a failure on my TBSS where the level sensor was mis-adjusted. On the TBSS it was simply a bar that was mounted to a box. Basically what appeared to be a bar attached to a potentiometer. Look to see if perhaps this became dis-engaged and/or a wire has been severed. Usually the system will indicate a fault if it is that far out of whack. Perhaps it is simply a fuse?