: Quick fixes and part#'s

98 Catera
03-07-09, 05:35 PM
These are a few things I replaced in my Catera that all Catera's have the same problem so I posted the stuff.

Low Coolant Light. Go on ebay and buy a new coolant tank, it comes with the new sensor. I bought mine from Foley Cadlillac / Chevy on ebay. No light anymore. And the new tank looks great (GM Part)

Climate Control Lights. Go to radio shack and get the (7) bulbs, their sold in packs of 2, Part#7219 micro lamps 12v 60ma wire terminal base. These are fun to replace because you have to replace the bulb in the base since you can't buy the buld and base from the dealer, I asked then and they said you have to replace the entire climate control for a cool $800... no thanks. I'll replace the bulbs. I can do this service for you. You can send me your bulbs and bases or your front 1/2 of your climate control and i'll replace everything for you. Just puttin it out there... I'm in NJ 08312

Cup Holder. Unfolding cup holder in center consol. GM Part#9105189. I got mine from Parts.com for 62.00 including shipping. I bought it because the car is supposed to have it and I need a place to put my drink while driving. All the ones I found in junk yards were either nasty, broken, or both.

I'll add stuff to this thread as I remember other stuff.