: Hood ornament, help me decide

03-07-09, 04:39 PM
I recently bought some great parts from a forum member. thefleetwoodguy He was very fair on price and parts were just as described. He even bought pizza for my wife and I as we drove 6 hours each way to buy parts from him.

Well the hood ornament I got from him was chrome and near perfect. My car has the gold package but the plating stinks. Should I put the nice chrome one on or the grungy gold? Heres a picture to show you what I mean.


maybe someone can help me with the picture?

03-07-09, 05:08 PM
if the rest of your car has the gold package I would do the gold one....

if your not in a hurry and want to pay shipping to AZ i'll re-plate it (gold) and ship it back usually thats all it takes. Unless its pitted bad

03-08-09, 05:01 AM
If all your gold trim is nasty(like most older cars), maybe just replace it with nice chrome stuff. I've always hated the gold trim packages though.

03-13-09, 06:27 PM
I prefer chrome emblems but gold looks fine too

03-13-09, 07:23 PM
My gold hood ornament used to look just like that. I cleaned it with a home made brass polish. I took one cup of white vinegar added one teaspoon of salt. Then I put in enough flour to make it into a paste. You smear it on your gold, or chrome and let it set for about 45 minutes then rinse it off with hot water. It cleaned all the emblems real good. If you have one of those "Heritage of ownership" pendants, it'll turn it corroded copper green before you rinse it off, but then it shine when washed.

Some times the badges cloud up so I took an empty Windex bottle and filled it half with white vinegar and half with a cheap wind shield washer. That shit makes the emblems glow in the dark.