: General Brake Question

Jake's SRX
03-06-09, 03:31 PM
So I really still believe that I purchased from a reputable dealer! We had our new to us 2005 SRX N* AWD fully loaded out and the local mechanic stopped by and looked it over. He questioned me about the brakes and asked if the dealership did brake work, I was told that they had to do the brakes all around and the rear shocks ( Mag Ride Control suspension equipped) for the safety on it. He said he did see the new shocks, the brake pads were changed but the rotors were not machined.
They are grooved 2 more than the others ( haven't measured ), do I need to be concerned? Every time I have changed shoes or pads I was always told we had to machine rotors or drums, or just put new ones on.
I'm inclined to throw on 4 new rotors... Should I bug the dealer?
Should they have machined at least the 2 worst ones?

I want to continue our currently good relationship but don't want them to think they got one over on me. After all this is probably the most important safety feature of any car/truck/ SUV...

Thanks in advance and I guess this isn't specific to an SRX!

03-10-09, 01:58 AM
I don't think you need to do anything to the rotor every time you change the pad - I never did mine anyway. I personally would be concerned only if the rotors become too thin.

03-10-09, 04:06 AM
Unless the car pulls to one side when you brake, I wouldn't worry about it.

03-10-09, 06:39 AM
If your rotors are damaged you should feel a "pulse" when you apply the brakes.
This is caused by the uneven surface of the rotor. If your pedal feels even and smooth with the application of brakes, your SRX brakes are fine.

03-10-09, 10:36 AM
I agree with whats already been said, but I'll add my own personal experience with my '07 SRX. I put on new pads as the rotors looked to be in good shape and I did not have the rotors machined. Braking power was good and smooth, however after a few weeks the front brakes began to squeak very badly. So I ended up just buying new rotors and another new set of pads. No more squeaking. So in hindsight I should have probably machined the rotors or at least the fronts. But if yours are quiet and smooth, then no worries.

Jake's SRX
03-11-09, 08:56 PM
:thumbsup:thanks for the feedback and insight. the dealer:) has agreed to turn the rotors if I want, no questions. I did hear brake squeal or so I thought, it was the backer plate rubbing on the front passenger side rotor, I fixed . Sounds like a non issue as I have good pedal, no vibration, no pulling... Think I'll be reasonable and forgo them turning the rotors. never know when i might need something, a favor, someday.
while I'm here, the rear inboard axle seals are sweating, not a dripping leak and I plan on just keeping an eye on this for a few months. Any of you seen this as a starting point for an up coming leak... failure in a short time period? I'm under GMPP for 24 months.
Thanks Pat.
Just so you know Jake is our 5yr old Golden Retriever who owns the back.