: Noise from PS pump.

07-05-04, 11:05 PM
There seems to be an intermittent chirping type sound coming from my PS pump (especially when cold, quiets after driving). I don't know if it is the bearing (~106K miles) or possibly air in the system. It started after the car sat for a few weeks, parked on a hill. At the same time the low coolant warning appeared for the first time ever since I've owned the vehicle. Checking the coolant reservior, it was very low. I feared the worst, (head gasket) but upon investigation found a pinhole in the plastic tank of the radiator (Relief!) on the same side as the PS pump. For something that protects against corrosion, coolant is very corrosive outside the engine. I am wondering if these two problems are related in some way. I've ordered a new radiator but am not sure about the PS pump yet.

07-06-04, 03:56 AM
I've never noticed it to be very corrosive,why do you say that?

These problems should only be related in that the car sat for a while.

07-06-04, 10:29 AM
If the coolant got on the belt it may have contaminated the belt causing the chirp.

I would replace the belt when you have the coolant leak fixed to eliminate the contaminated belt. No real good way to clean it. Ethyleneglycol (coolant) is somewhat of a lubricant so it will make the belt slip and cause problems with noise and premature failure if it is exposed to coolant for an extended period of time.

You might also check the power steering pump alignment. Look carefully at the pump and the bracket that it sits in. The bracket mounts to the engine block with a single bolt that is visible on the right hand side of the engine, down between the power steering pump and the cam cover at an angle. Look at the front of the power steering pump bracket and there is a tab that should be seated against the front face of the block. The front face of the block is machined in that area and the tab should be flush up against it. If there is a gap between the tab and the front face of the block, loosen the power steering pump mounting bolt, slide the pump rearward on the engine (toward the left side of the car) to seat the tab firmly against the engine block and retighten the mounting bolt.