: Wait for Me, when are we going to have more details?

03-06-09, 01:27 PM
Wait for Me, when are we going to have more details on pricing for your mods? I think must here would rather replace the crank pulley then the blower pulley

03-09-09, 10:10 AM
ttt please

03-09-09, 10:43 AM
Im cloning 3 exhaust setups right now of the first ones i made. They are 3inch mandrel bent all the way back to the muffler tips..

You guys can have a choice of no muffler at all and Xpipe center, which is supprisingly pretty quiet at idle and light driving.. Made 18hp over stock exhaust.


I have ones that use a center sound dampner and no mufflers, which is very quiet. This adds 12hp but sounds pretty mellow.


I have ones that use an X pipe center, with downsized back down to the stock mufflers so you just get rid of all the bends. This adds 14hp But is a little louder than stock.

Im out of gas for my mig, so as soon as it gets here, ill have the rest finished.

These are band clamped in place so no welding will be needed to install. They take 20 minutes to install and can be done in the driveway. With simple tools.

03-09-09, 12:06 PM
Give me option 1 please. how much $$ do i need to send you? Also, where does it begin? I notice there are 4 cats on our exhausts. does it begin after the last 2, after the first 2, or does it attach to the headers? Also, I assume it uses stock hangers? What do the tips look like, or can we use the stock tips which are nice.

Thanks for the info!!!!

03-09-09, 01:18 PM
How about pulley mods for more boast. How much for the pulley mod, air filter tube and tune?

03-09-09, 02:20 PM
im working on pricing today for it all. That is my main goal.

The upper pulley options would be hard to do, but possible. It would require you sending me your blower snout and i mod it and return it the same day.

The Crank pulleys are the best option and would make more boost. AND are a reversable mod so you can go back to stock alot easier.
Im working on buying some spare crate motors so i can modify some stuff and have revolving core parts for you guys, but they are wanting a fortune for them still...