: 2000 Escalade Radio Problem

03-06-09, 12:15 PM
Hi all...
I have a bizzare radio issue that just started. (Was working one night... next morning the problem occurred) 2000 Escalade, Bose system...
When starting the car... the radio has no AM or FM radio capability (just static)... CD Changer Works OK, single CD Player works OK, AND... Sirius Radio works (uses FM transmitter to the Car FM Radio). When turning the car off, now the AM and FM radio works. Opening car door the system of course turns off. Closing the door and turning Key to either ACC or ON (not starting the car) the AM/FM Radio does not work (Sirius FM transmit to radio does work). Start the car... again no AM/FM radio stations (except Sirius FM Transmit to FM Radio). Turn car off... now the AM/FM radio stations are there.
Does anyone have any ideas on this bizzare radio behavior?

03-22-09, 09:34 PM
Sure hope someone addresses this problem as my 2002 just started doing exactly the same thing. :banghead:

03-22-09, 10:26 PM
IDVMusic - what type/model of sirius ->FM transmitter, and are you sure nothing else changed

mycrossroads - are your symptoms IDENTICAL or just similar?

Here are my reasons, thoughts, and theory...(based on IDVmusics)
If you are recieveing sirius broadcasts via an FM transmitter, the system is tuning, and you have connection all the way through being that things operate properly after the ignition is turned off. I would start by bypassing the inline transmitter, if it is acting up and is only powered on an ignition circuit (not the RAP system) that could very well be your issue.

03-23-09, 05:33 PM
No... absolutely nothing else was touched/changed. (Btw, I am a Field Service Engineer for 30 years in Aerospace.... "Troubleshooting electronic equipment on airplanes is my life").

So... nothing has been added/subracted to this vehicle since I purchased this in August 08....

I figure my next step would be to get a portable "stand-alone" transistor radio.... go out to the car and get in the driver's seat, fire-up the portable radio and insure the portable radio gets FM and AM reception just sitting in the driver's seat. Once I know the portable works... then I'll start the car. If the portable radio quits receiving FM and AM... then with the engine running there is an electronic signal transmitting somewhere in the car stron enough to block the FM and AM receiver reception.
(Note: The Sirius Radio Transmitter I have is on the dash right above the in-car Bose deck.... The antenna for the Sirious is just lying on the inside dash of the front windshield. Not phisically connected to anyting in the car or routed anywhere thru the car wirining in anyway.... just Lying there. And the Sirius is plugged straight into the Cigarette Lighter for the 12v DC power). Since the Sirius head is actually a Transmitter, it may stong and close enough for the in-dash receiver to pick up the signal.

If MyCrossRoads has the same issue.... you also may want to take a portable radio out to your car... insure you can receive a radio station.... then start your car to see if the portable quits receiving. If this occurs then there is a "trasmitting" signal somewhere when the car is running which blocks AM/FM reception of the in-deck receiver.

Anyway.... that's just my theory at this point. I'll have to try this out in the future and will get back to this thread with the results.
Thanks Timothyr for your post and thoughts.


03-23-09, 08:19 PM
IDV...good clarification, I just hate troubleshooting with someone when they start out saying "one day it stopped working", and "nothings changed", then in the course of conversation you hear the dash was removed for a heater core replacement, and the problem was noticed a day after that.

I cant think of anything in the car that would cause enough emi or rfi to totally wipe the signal. I cant think of where the stock areal is on the slade, but you might want to try removing the sirius completely as part of the test (on the theory of it flooding and overpowering the airwaves), along with this you can try moving yoour portable incrementally closer to the sirius transmitter to see if you get progressive dropout.

I am very curious to know the results of your little experiment...do post back

03-24-09, 05:22 PM
Thanks for the notes Timothyr....

Yes, I have removed the Sirius Transmitter out of the equasion... (just unplugged the power cord from the Cigarette lighter).... This should have been sufficient to remove the Sirius Transmitter as a potential cause.... (and it has NO batteries as a back-up power source either.)

Once I try the remote radio in the car... I'll post the results.



03-24-09, 08:39 PM
Mine is not precisely identical to ldvmusic problem. First off, I have no Sirius radio. Second, I am able to hear strong stations but not weak ones. When I travel towards OKC, I am able to eventually pickup some of the weak ones. BUT, none of them , EVER sound like they did before this problem started. Its as if the radio receiver is in a “local” mode. That is until I turn off the ignition. Then the ole Bose kicks A
As in ldvmusic’s symptoms. The CD and cassette work great all the time. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

03-24-09, 09:39 PM

I just tried a portable radio (on batteries) in the car... it worked fine with the car running or with the car OFF, key set to ACC or ignition set to ON.

The car radio problem I am having again is:
When starting car, all AM and FM radio stations are only static (no radio reception at all).
Turning the ignition to OFF... Radio works fine, strong signals on AM and FM.... all channels works.
Turning ignition to ACC... No radio Staions (only static).
Turning ignition to ON (but not starting car)... No radio stations (only static).
Back to OFF... Radio works OK
In-Dash Single CD player and 6 CD Changer works fine in all modes (ACC, ON, and car running).
Hooked up Sirius Receiver/Transmitter (Power Cord to Cigarette Lighter and Antenna laying on dash in the windshield) and the in-dash Bose radio receives FM being transmitted from the Sirius just fine at any FM setting... with car running and with ignition to ACC or ON.
No mods have been done to this car whatsoever since purchasing in Aug 2008.
Radio worked one night when going into work. Next morning when going back into work the radio no longer worked while engine on.

Still a Bizzare one for me.... I'll keep plugging away.

Hope someone has run into something similar.



03-24-09, 10:39 PM
Okay, dont have the answer to this, but another angle....in glass or external antenna?

If its in the glass I am thinking antenna amplifier on the fritz....$20bucks at radio shack buys one to try to test.