: Vizualogic headrest monitor install

03-06-09, 09:31 AM
I just purchased a 2004 Escalade ESV. It came with 7 inch Vizualogic headrest monitors (Caddy logo emroidered). Two of the four screens powered up when I turned on the ignition with blue on screen. But since the aftermarket alarm was removed there is not power....The factory installed flip down monitor works but has no audio....I took it to a shop that says the entire system is dead except the factory flip down....It just does not make sense to me.... Is there anyone in the California Central Valley or Bay Area that specializes in the Vizualogic headrest installs?

03-06-09, 09:35 AM
i would triple check all your connections ... you have a video amp to power those 4 screens right?

03-06-09, 10:00 AM
I have no idea what a video amp is or looks like....Is there a way to troubleshoot it myself?

03-07-09, 01:45 AM
It sounds to me whoever took out the aftermarket alarm might have disconnected or maybe accidently removed the wiring to the vizualogic system. I would try to locate the vizualogic box and follow the wires from there to see if anything is disconnected. It should be under the seat. It will have acouple female RCA connections coming from the box and a wiring harness with your ground, power, etc.