: Center Console Bezel Dings

03-06-09, 09:15 AM
I'm sorry to invade the "V" forum as I only have a lowly, standard XLR but I do have a question (and there appears to be more traffic in this forum). Our radar detector has fallen off the windshield and come down on the aluminum console bezel around the shifter causing a ding. The dealer has told me that the whole console would need to be replaced rather than the aluminum trim piece. That does not seem correct to me. Clearly the trim is glued to the console as they are different materials. In my mind, the trim has to be removable am I wrong about this?


03-06-09, 03:30 PM
Dealer can only order what GM has listed as part numbers. You might do a search for salvage yards with a clean console. How much does the dealer want for the console?

03-07-09, 01:40 AM
Yes, the console trim plate is a seperate item; you don't need to buy a whole center console. It's easy to replace too. (I've had mine out to replace a worn shifter trim plate.) You just have to pry it up with a plastic trim tool in two places and it easily lifts out. Go to gmpartsdirect.com and pay what the dealer pays. The part you're looking for for your model and year doesn't have a price listed, so you'll have to request a quote.

Hope this helps,

03-07-09, 02:42 PM
Thanks very much for the help!

03-10-09, 11:34 AM
I contacted the dealer today in regards to this because my aluminum trim plate has tons of dents in it from the previous owner. The dealer told me that this trim piece is not the correct piece I am looking for and that in order to replace the silver piece around around the wood trim of the shifter that I would have to purchase the entire upper counsel. The counsel is supposedly $992.81. This is just ridicules to replace the silver trim piece alone. I put an email in with GM parts direct but have not heard back from them yet. How sure are you that the part they have right above "upper counsel" called "Trim Piece" is the actual aluminum trim piece that is around the outside of the wood that surrounds the shifter?

Thanks for any info,