: Considering selling the Brougham

03-06-09, 12:11 AM
So as the title reads I'm considering selling the Brougham. She needs some work and no one wants to do it.

My wife and I both love the car but I think it's time to get her in something newer.

Anyone have any thought on that? Is anyone here interested in the car?

03-06-09, 09:53 AM
Post it up in the Classified section and someone might link to it on our "Found Cadillacs For Sale" thread ;)

03-06-09, 10:43 AM
I can't post it yet. I need to firm up what I'm doing for my wife's replacement car.

I was really just throwing out a feeler to see what the interest and comments were.

I do have my STS in the classifieds.

03-06-09, 01:14 PM
What work needs to be done to the car?

03-07-09, 01:33 AM
Well the short story is I think the engine bay wiring harness should be replaced. There are a few places that I suspect as being problematic, like the horn doesn't work. Every once in a while the turn signals wont work for a few minutes.

Honestly the car runs great. As a matter of fact it just had a compression test done on it while trying to diagnose a bad cat converter and the compression test showed exactly 180 PSI on all 8 with no leak down.

The L05 drive-train is pretty much bulletproof but the car needs some care. The body is straight aside from 2 small shopping cart type dings. The interior is fine except for the notorious cracked dash.

03-12-09, 06:59 PM
No interest?

03-12-09, 10:51 PM
where are you located

03-12-09, 11:00 PM
I'm in upstate NY.

04-11-09, 10:37 AM
OK guys, this is it. The Brougham is leaving for $800 unless someone here wants it.

04-11-09, 11:32 AM
Sent you a PM...