: Non Nav, Non Bose Navigation Install 2005 Deville

NM Rider
03-05-09, 09:42 PM
I am new to the forum, but have followed new posts for a few months now. I have a 2005 Deville, white.

Not to beat a dead horse, but before investing in a project I always measure twice. I have spent a few hours reading most of the posts surrounding navigation installation and would like to add an ipod interface to my deville. I have found several navigation units on Ebay that fit my year range. My thoughts are:

1. Purchase navigation head unit on Ebay.

2. Purchase wiring harness from STS2003.

3. Install unit myself.

4. Have dealer or other tech enter VIN into unit.

5. Be able to interface my IPOD and watch movies on the new navigation head unit, while still having functionality of the steering wheel controls.

It would be nice to have the navigation feature as well, but I am assuming I would need to buy some additional components beyond an antenna to process the data?

I think I may have all of this completely wrong? Someone please set me straight if I do.

Thanks in advance.


03-06-09, 09:43 AM
pretty much have it

NM Rider
03-07-09, 12:16 AM
Please shoot me an email about the harness.

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