: preowned values

03-04-09, 02:04 PM
i test drove an IS-F, C63 and an E55 (Merc dealer wouldnt let me drive a NEW E63 eventhough the C63 was new...) visited Quantrell Caddy in Lexington and no questions asked they pulled their ONLY red V out of the showroom and let me drive it as long as as far as i wanted NO questions. well im sold! that car is amazing. Bigger than the C and IS and way nicer than a Merc on the inside. The lexus was sweet but i think it is too small. I dont take passengers typically but if i need to, the Caddy will haul them in style.

just wanted to see what you all thought the preowned market will look like for this car after about 12 months.... Lexus was discounting a new IS-F 10 GRAND and of course the best i can seem to do on a V is about 4K off.... so a loaded one with nav and recaros is like 64 plus taxes.

03-05-09, 09:13 PM
No one knows the 12 month value. Generally cars like this take a pretty big hit. When GM goes under, I can argue that the V will hold value because its rare and discontinued (somewhat like the Ford GT); I can also argue the the value will plunge with GM. In any case I really like mine and its a great buy for the price. Good luck!

03-05-09, 09:26 PM
If GM took a dump the value on the vehicle will skyrocket. By 2012 all cars are supposed to be making like 30mpg min ?- something like that I remember. So if you manage to get a v and it discontinues than you'll have one of the last/rarest/most technologically advanced sports cars before the economy took a dump