: Great sale on Goodyear RSA 20"

03-03-09, 07:28 PM
:bigroll:I know all the chatter about the RSAs, but I got 42k on my factory set on my 2007 Sport, and it was time to think about changing them....still had life but safety is foremost. Found an ad on [URL="http://www.onlinetires.com"] for $83 each....yes, 255x50x20. Called and talked to them and then a very savvy guy at my dealership and evidently since that size is so scarcely used, Goodyear decided to have a container fire sale on them and some dealers were lucky enough to get them below what dealers can get them for...go figure.

Anyway, I ordered a set and including shipping, etc. it came to $389 with a $25 or $50 rebate, depending on how you paid for them....net about $339 for FOUR 20" V-rated tires. Got them mounted and balanced at the dealer for $85and I love the ride as they just sail along....

Thought some of you might want to check this out while the deals last....Discount has them for about $130 last time I looked.....they ALSO bought containers but did not go deep with the savings pass on....smile.

Enjoy, Lenny

03-04-09, 02:06 PM
That sounds like a VERY good deal, I just paid 600$ yesterday for all season's on my OEM 18's.

03-04-09, 02:27 PM
Yeh....and I was completely satisfied....not blems, seconds.....first quality. Heck, at that price, some of you 18" folks can get the 20" wheels AND tires for the price of the tires alone.....well almost anyway....smile....

Just wanted to share the good news....also the rebate may expire soon, not sure but they online guys were super easy to deal with.....and fair!!

03-04-09, 03:55 PM
14, What did you put on? I am in need myself. I have 59K (90% highway) on OEM Michelins

03-04-09, 04:22 PM
14, What did you put on? I am in need myself. I have 59K (90% highway) on OEM Michelins
After finding out the OEM tires were like 1,200+ dollars I decided to go with a set of Kuhmo's. They are not the best tire, but with over 55k miles on my michelins I can't really say if these are better/worse. I went with the same size all around with these, I know some people are against that, but I have had no problem with it on our 07, and it has over 70k (35k with the same size all around). I do think they are a little louder, it could be because of the 600 tread wear rating vs. the 440 of the stock tires. When I do the sport swap on my car, I might dynomat the front wheel wells to cut down on some road noise anyway.

03-05-09, 08:00 AM
BUT the RSA are truly JUNK tires

Ask anyone that knows anything about tires..

OK if you have to get rid of car and need new tires to not get killed...