: New 2006 CTS owner. Questions about the nav and audio system

03-03-09, 02:31 PM

I recently bought a 2006 CTS Luxury Sport in the UK, it is also a UK spec model which I believe differs in some ways to the US version apart from being a right hand drive.

It has the factory Nav system but when I bought it there was no Nav DVD disc. Instead of getting a new disc, I wanted to upgrade the whole system as it is lacking a few things (touchscreen, mp3 playback, bluetooth, ability to play PAL DVDs etc) but from what I've been reading it seems that by replacing the whole unit I would lose all the info that comes up on the screen. Is this still the case? Has anyone upgraded and managed to keep the original system info?

Another question, is there any way of accessing the Nav menu without a Nav disc? I need to 'activate' the RCA input from the Nav menu, the only problem being that I don't have a disc and when I press the Nav button, it just says 'no disc loaded' and I can't get to the menu or anything to do with the Nav system.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.