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03-02-09, 05:11 PM
Does anybody else have a problem with latching the seat belt with the Recaro seats? It appears that the seat bolster from the Recaro's puts the latch below the seat and buried in between that and the console. The wife is not a very happy camper, she wanted a Audi S5 instead.

I am assuming that the standard seats do not have this issue. I know it's a problem because even our local rag automotive journalist "Newsday" (02/28/09)mentioned it as a knock on the car and gas mileage. Other than that he stated it was an M3 and M5 killer.

Cadillac Tony
03-02-09, 05:19 PM
I've had this issue once or twice on the regular CTS, and I came up with two solutions:

1) Activate the "Easy exit seat" and de-activate the "Remote recall memory" in the DIC- doing this will make the seat move back on exit, and stay there in the exit position upon re-entry. Tell your Wife not to press her seat memory button when she gets in the car until after she's buckled the seat belt. Since the belt buckle is affixed to the center console (not the seat), the seat being further back will allow easier access to the buckle.

2) Your Cadillac Dealer can provide you with a seat belt latch extender free of charge under the GM mobility plan. It is intended for "plus size" drivers that need the extra 12" of seatbelt, but I've also provided them to customers that have this problem. It clips into the receiver end of the latch and extends it 12", so now the latch will be easier to get at.

Hope that helps.

03-02-09, 07:57 PM
:lildevil: I think you should just get rid of it, too much hassle to buckle up.

Just let us know where you list it for sale :lildevil:

03-02-09, 07:58 PM
As an aside, can anyone tell how many recaro's, Manual V2's have been produced ?