: clear vehicle bra

03-02-09, 09:17 AM
Has any member installed one of 3M clear bra products on their SRX.(what a choice of words!!).... I have an '08 SRX and would like to protect it against flying rocks and bugs. The usual Bras are ugly, cumbersome, and am told cause eventual paint damage....so the alternative is a clear membrane type product. Any info would be appreciated. I googled for info but it is pretty confusing, each company claiming its product is the "best". Any member i/p would be appreciated.

03-02-09, 09:57 AM
I had the 3-M brand put on my 2006 DTS. You have to LOOK for it or you would never see it.
The DTS has the White Lightning TriCoat Pearl paint. It would be almost impossible to touch up rock dings on the TriCoat paint, and make it look decent.
I had it put on very shortly after I bought the car new.
It has almost 54,000 on it now, and not one rock chip in the paint. :) :)
You can feel little dings all over the clear plastic. I hate to think what the paint would look like by now without it. :(

Texas Jim

03-02-09, 06:45 PM
I buy the cheap ones off ebay and install myself. It costs about $40-$80 depending on how much you want to cover (to completely cover my CTS it cost about $70 - hood, bumper, headlights, windshield surround, and some custom cut pieces for rocker panels, rear bumper by the trunk, etc.). It takes me about 4 hours to install. It is the exact same thermal set polyurethane as 3M or Venturshield. I would highly recommend it. No one can see it is on there, and if you buy the cheap stuff, you can replace it as needed when it takes a big hit from road debris. You can't go wrong with just about anyone you buy (assuming it is urethane), but you can spend however much you want.