View Full Version : homelink auto garage door opener question

03-01-09, 08:26 PM
OK i know you need the later 97- on, yellow light version for it to work with rolling code openers,
my q: is on the later version, there is 3 contact points for it to fit into the receptacle, the early red light ones only have two contacts
I know from having enough fleetwoods apart, that there is only a ground and pos contact,
what does the third contact do?, and will it still work in my 94?

03-01-09, 11:08 PM
I was able to get the one in my '95 DeVille to work on my garage door and it is a rolling code opener. I had to program the homelink to the opener, not to the remote. My garage door opener has a button underneath one of the light covers that lets you program any remote, rolling code or not, to it.

03-02-09, 12:47 AM
interesting, are you referring to the learn button, on the opener itself, I havent tried that as yet, thanks for the info, I will try that first

03-02-09, 08:57 AM
Three contacts usually are power, ground and remote. Does it work with the ignition off or does the car have a factory alarm? Maybe it sends the signal through the antenna. But I've never had one so I dont know

03-02-09, 10:51 AM
this one doesnt need the ignition on, not sure why they added the 3rd contact, all my wiring diagrams are for the 94-96 fltwds so Im in the dark on this one, :crybaby:

03-02-09, 02:17 PM
Yes, there is a learn button on the opener itself so you can program it to work with nearly any remote you want.