: 04 escalade NO SOUND!

03-01-09, 02:20 PM
ok just picked an 04 escalade this last weekend. dealership is going to take care of this problem but being a car junky i am trying to figure it out myself before i get it in the shop.

i have the navigation unit all factory. the nav powers on just fine but no sound will come out of any of the speakers. i have also noticed that the door chimes and back up beeper are not sounding either.

the rear entertainment center is not powering on. the clock doesnt work nor does the 6 disc changer.

i am at a loss for what has happening here. i have checked all of the fuses pulled the nav to see if the harness was hacked up, which it is not. i have replaced the cd player with an aftermarket deck and harness. i have also replaced the amp.

we took a test light to one of the door speakers it didnt seem to be getting power

i am really about to take the vehicle back and say screw it. this seams to be a major issue. i have not been able to find any similar issues anywhere.

any help will be appriciated!

03-02-09, 06:20 PM
any feedback?!?