View Full Version : Rear Window DeFogger inoperative 05 ESV Platinum

03-01-09, 07:35 AM
Hi guys
My rear window de-frogger no longer defogs (or de-ices)
When I press the button on the dash, the light in the button illuminates and I can hear the relay click.
But, nothing defoggs back there.
So I just broke out my digital multi-meter and made some test
With the truck running, and the rear defogger light illuminated on the dash, I measure +15.2 Volts DC directly at the the 2 terminals soldered to the window grid. This is where the coiled (phone cord type wire) cable connects directly to the lugs soldered on the window's grid.
If I turn the rear window defrogger OFF (at the dash) , the yellow light goes OFF and +15.2 Volts goes away.
Seems like the power is there.

With the coiled cables disconnected from the soldered lugs, and the multi-meter set to OHMS, I tried to measure the window grid for resistance. I clipped the meter leads directly to the soldered lugs on the glass. I get OPEN (OL) for all OHMS ranges on the meter.

Does this mean my grid is broken, and if so, does this mean I need a new rear window?
Lord...I hope not.
I am on the east coast and we are supposed get get blasted by snow tonight. Has not snowed here in 4 years.

Can somebody else measure the resistance of the window grid for me (with cables disconnected)

03-02-09, 01:57 AM
Did you check to see if all the "lines" are connected? If there is just 1 break in your lines, the whole window defrost will not work. They do make inexpensive repair kits for this. Good luck! I have an EXT, i doubt the voltage would even be the same for such a small window with far less "lines".

04-04-09, 09:31 AM
Bringing this thread back to the top of the list.
I may have found my problem.
I was checking this problem again and the left side terminal popped off of the window.
Can someone tell me how to fix this problem?


04-04-09, 11:43 AM
Try some Silver conductive epoxy adhesive.
There are numerous electrically conductive adhesives on the market. They are used in aerospace applications for EMI protection in many structures and electronic components and assemblies.

This type of repair would be one hell of allot cheaper than replacing the window.

Try Alpha at www.alphaadhesives.com
They have 2.5 gram burst packages for $6.00 each.
I would order at least 2 packages of it.
Follow the directions, and you should be okay.

04-04-09, 12:58 PM
Thanks for the reply. However, your link does not work for me.

I did a google search for that company and came up with one in the UK.

04-04-09, 06:04 PM
Sorry about the dead link.
Do a Google search for "Silver conductive epoxy" (like I did), and you will find numerous sources.
I'm sure that one of the sources will be able to help you out.