: Post Your Custom Audio System Pics here

Lu Scola
03-01-09, 06:17 AM
This thread is for everyone to post there custom audio system set-ups. Post your pics and a description of what you are running.

My system starts out from my a Pioneer Z3 and a D3 HU. I have Pioneer Componants in the front doors, and Kickers in the rear doors. They are powered by a Pioneer 4 channel amp and two Pioneer Crossovers. Next we go to the Pioneer 2 channel amp that runs my two 12" Kicker L7 Solabarics. Im going to add another amp so that each sub has its own amp. I have a very nice 120 Farad Hybrid Digital Capacitor with 3 digital Distribution blocks running the power to all my componants. My system is very loud, clear, crisp, with alot of thump. All the wiring, and RCA's are top of the line for optimal performance. Everything is protected by a Viper 791 two-way alarm/remote start with a 2 mile range alert keypad.






The 2 changers behind the amp rack now sit in my custom wall behind the seats


Here is my midgate wall




Here is the beginning of my new custom bed. I lust put down the hardwoods. Next I am gonna put another coat of polyurathane on. Then I'll build the 3 walls (2 side walls, 1 wall behind the sub box and fridge) Its gonna turn out really nice.


03-03-09, 01:30 AM
That's badazz - I'll have to hit you up when I start working on my system.