: Vinyl Top Repair or Removal

02-28-09, 12:33 PM
Just wondering how hard is it to remove the Vinyl top? and do I need replace / change anything if I remove it ? Is the Glue a major problem to remove? And if I keep it I would like to replace the Trim / Molding since it is in very bad shape..any ideas other than using GM Original Molding? Any help, pics etc would be appreciated Thanks!

03-01-09, 05:35 PM
The good news is that the top is not hard to remove. The bad news is that unless you're willing to sand and repain the top and smoothe out all the retainer clip rivets that hold the mouldings, it's gonna look like hell. Also, these cars have the electrolumenecent wreath and crest on the c-pillar, and they're made to fit outside the vinyl top, so they'll need to be reset into the c-pillar sheet metal for them to look right. As far as replacement mouldings, dealers who added aftermarket tops to these cars used a hard vinyl moulding that should still be available. Check Hemmings or search around the internet.

These cars generally look much better with a vinyl top than without. I recommend replacement rather than leaving the top off.