: Radio display 2001 DeVille

02-28-09, 10:32 AM
Radio display 2001 DeVille
Audio and controls work fine, but the display does not light up. Is this an easy fix?

02-28-09, 12:36 PM
Easy is a relative term, depends on how good are your electronics skills. The display is a VFD mounted on the PCB embedded on the radio fascia. That PCB also houses al the buttons. Between that PCB and the main Board there is a banner cable (well is not relay banner since the wires are not attached together but they run parallel looking like a banner cable). The connectors are pretty good quality so is highly unlikely you developed a bad connection (unless you got water intrusion highly unlikely). Anyway the chip driving the display is also located on this front PCB. Here is a VFD 101 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacuum_fluorescent_display). If nothing is working the main culprit is the cathode (suppose to be connected to -). If only half the elements from the display will work then one of the grids will be the culprit.
But since everything is controlled by that chip (the only chip on the front PCB) then I would have to say is either the chip or the VFD seals failed and air got inside (that usually happens in time and the display luminosity fails gradually).
So the best solution for you is to buy a used radio with a good display and swap the front PCB. I can tell that base radios (‘96-’97 Seville, ’98 and up Catera, ‘96–‘97 Eldorado, and ~‘96-~’98 Deville) are all the same in regards of the front PCB (theftlocked or not). I would assume the same could be said about the ’98 and up. As long as it has the same button layout and same display segments the boards are compatible (regardless if the radio P# are different). So if your display has segments (like a wristwatch) then look for radios with this display, if yours has pixels (like in matrix of small squares) then look for one of those.
The front PCB is relatively easy to replace. Requires taking the radio out, after about 20 screws you should be able top take the front PCB out. Depending on your skills is a 2-3 hours job.

Then there is the other thing, if NONE of your VFDs are working (and I am talking here about the display strip on the IPC, the Climate Control Module display and the Radio display), then the IPC think the battery voltage is too low and commands the devices to shut off the VFD’s.

02-28-09, 12:55 PM
Thanks for the reply. Like you said, "easy fix" is relative. The car only has 20,000 miles, is still like new. I'll will most likely break something else if I try to fix it. I'll have a pro fix it.

Thanks again