: How To Replace 4.x Power Steering Pump

02-27-09, 09:28 PM
My Power Steering Pump was making a groaning noise at slow speeds and when you hit wheel locks, Fluid was new and full so I decided to replace the pump, Made some rookie mistakes so I will post the process to help others. I will show how to replace the pump in 20 easy steps :o I didn't do all the flushing that you could do to replace the fluid, I periodically freshen the fluid by siphoining the resovoir and filling it with fresh fluid so I wasnt worried about alot of old fulid, If you want to research how to change all the fluid you can do that at this point.

Total time was 4 hours, Thier was one nut though that took me atleast 1 hour to remove due to a stupid mistake, aswell as forgeting orings which made me have to partially pull the new pump, omit those errors and your looking at just under 3 hours :thumbsup:


Siphon or somehow remove the majority of the PS Fluid from the reservoir into a container
Now remove the battery, Its tempting to just unplug the neg terminal and leave it in, However you will most likely have to remove the entire battery from the car at some point for clearences, so you may aswell do it now
Use a breaker bar to release the tensioner, slip the belt off the power steering pump The PS pump is the one directly next the the fluid reservoir at the top of the engine, If your careful you can keep the belt on all the other pulleys to make re-installation easier.
No matter how tempting it looks to unscrew the 2 mounting bolts on the pump at this point stop :thehand: You will need the pump secure while you unhook everything else
Get a pulley puller from a parts store, most have it for loan, Make sure it will work for PS Pumps, Should look like an assortment of screws, Dont get one that clips around the pulley. Scrool down for some tips on the tool*.
Remove the Pulley
Now thier are 2 hoses to unhook, You can see the one that comes out of the bottom, Get a wrench on it and turn toward the firewall to loosen, I first turned it toward the front and almost broke it :bigroll: The lefty loosy doesnt apply here if you are looking at the pump in front of you, You have to reverse it.
Once you get that metal line off your almost home. It may leak some fluid so be prepared.
Now you can remove the 2 bolts that hold the pump to the bracket as normal
The pump should be loose now, Wiggle the pump around and it should pull away, It will be connected to a nipple, thier is no mechanical fasteners holding it on thier, just pulls off with gentle pressure.
Once the old pump is clear from the car you have a few options, One thing you have to do is put the orings from the old pump (or new ones) into the new pump. I forgot to install them my first time and it made a nice little mess when I started the car :halo: Their are only o-rings on the non mechanical connection, none on the metal hose.
You can use the tool to install the pulley when it is out of the car, I choose to do the pulley install last while on the car. Depending on how good you can access the bottom hose should determine when you attach the pulley, I had a hard time reaching it so I wanted to get it installed with the pulley out of the way. If you install the pulley off the car then you will also have to screw the bolts in through the holes in the pulley which is not that big of a deal really.
Making sure you have o-rings slip the new pump on to the nipple and then feed the bolts through the pump into the bracket and tighten them down. They will not line up unless the pump is pressed all the way over the nipple.
Now screw the bottom hose into the new pump and tighten the nut, remember how easy this part is will be determined by when you choose to put the pulley on.
Make sure all conections and both bolts are tight, If you havent already install the pulley.
Use the breaker bar to open the tensioner and slip the belt over the pump. Almost done
Reinstall the battery
Refill the resovior with new fluid until it reaches the cold mark, Start the car and look for leaks, If you forgot o-rings their will be a big one :bigroll:
Run the car a minute and turn the wheels, If you bled all the old fluid out of the lines I would lift the front end to take the pressure off the pump. Since I only emptied the resovior I didnt lift it, However you do it though make sure the pump never runs dry.
Road test it and see how it works, monitor the fluid level over the next few days as it could drop depending on how much air was in the system.

Should be good to go now. :yup:

* The puller should have instructions, but they can be tricky so I will try to explain the procedure that mine used, Depending on the kit it may be different

Spin the hex nut to the far end of the screw, Take the 2 collars and put them around the hex nut and into the groves of the pulley, slide the little ring over it then tighten the screw by hand until it bottoms out. Now take a wrench and fit it over the hex nut, Use a long wrench that reaches the front frame of the car to keep the pulley from spinning. Take a 5/8 socket and slip it over the end of the puller and start tightning it, if the wrench on the hex nut is right it will wedge up to the frame so you have plenty of leverage on the socket, Keep tightning the screw and it will push the pulley away from the bracket until it comes off.

I dont remember exactly how I installed it, Had someone helping me who did this part, You have to use the installer tool though, Basically find the right diameter screw and put the washer on it and then start tightning.