: Replacing head light 2000 lade

02-27-09, 01:36 PM
I have a 200 escalade and the head lights are alil yellow. I want to replace them with new ones but i cant seem find where i can get um from.........and another thing i hhave the stock lights still on there and im thinkin bout hid's does anybody kno of a legit website tht has the kit for a good price and does anybody kno if they r hard to install?

02-27-09, 01:46 PM
Oh and another thing does anybody have an opinion bout whether i should get the whole hid kit or juss those bulbs i see on ebay for like 9 bucks

02-27-09, 01:56 PM
Hi !
I replaced mine about year ago. I bought them off ebay for ~$40 a piece + S/H. They fit OK. You need to buy whole HID kit.


02-27-09, 08:33 PM
I had a 99 a few years back.... the grill needs to come out, the bolts will then be visible. good luck!