View Full Version : Anyone had any problems getting their struts replaced under GMPP

02-26-09, 12:34 PM
I have a 2004 SRX and was told by a dealer while I was on vacation that I should take the car into my dealer when I got home because there was a problem with the transfer case and the front struts were leaking. When I returned home, I took it to the local dealer. They found the same thing and decided the parts in the transfer case and the front struts needed to be replaced. GMPP took care of the transfer case parts, but would not cover the struts because the labor OP code indicated shocks and shocks are not covered. The dealer quoted me a price of $975 per strut and a total of $2200 to replace and realign the front end. I doubt if there are shocks that are that expensive. I contacted GMPP and they told me that struts are covered and shocks are not and that the struts should be covered under the extended warranty.

It appears the problem lies with the labor op code being used. I called the dealer that originally told me about the problem and they said to use a different OP code and the struts would be covered under the GMPP. I then contacted my local dealer with the information the other dealer had given me. As soon as I mentioned the code the local dealer said that was a repair on struts but my VIN would not allow that code. The other dealer had checked the vehicle history for my SRX and said that the struts had been replaced previously under the original factory warranty and could not figure out why it wouldn't be covered this time.

I guess I am a little confused why one dealer would know how to enter the correct code and the other dealer wouldn't. I have not heard from local dealer yet today as to what the outcome with GMPP was.

Has anyone else run into these types of problems?